Vanessa Barragão

Vanessa Barragão's work is located within the field of contemporary art, in the field of textile art.

She works mostly with large-scale tapestries inspired by nature and with a sustainable approach.

In her creative, organic, and meditative process, she uses an ecological handmade method, which involves recycling waste materials from the dead stock of Portuguese factories and transforming them into marine gardens. To produce textural pieces, the artist uses a variety of traditional techniques such as crochet, lock hook, weaving, embroidery, and macramé.

Graduated as a fashion designer, she developed an early interest in textiles. She worked in Porto as a textile designer in a handmade carpet factory, where she perfected many of her skills and acquired in-depth knowledge of the textile industry.

Her work is closely linked to the sea and a sense of respect for the underwater world and biodiversity.

The fact that she grew up by the sea and sporadic visits to coral reefs brought her early on to become aware of the beauty of the underwater environment and the alarming speed of its degradation due to human impact.

In the face of an industry often associated with high pollution, this awareness led Vanessa Barragão to seek a sustainable approach to the production of textile art, making her work a manifest and an awareness tool.

1992 -
Nationality: Portugal
Residence: Algarve, Portugal