THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE is an international contemporary art gallery with locations in Luanda, Angola, and Lisbon, Portugal. The Gallery represents and exhibits emergent and established artists, through its exhibition program and international art fairs, with a focus on historical and contemporary narratives within the context of globalization, with a particular reference to social perceptions and change.

The development of art in Angola is closely linked to the history of the country and, in the current context, we see that, although there is already a lot of work done, we also consider that there is much to do, namely in terms of education and transversal mechanisms of support to art, such as the development of intellectual structures, in number and quality, that enable artists, and future artists, to develop knowledge, research and discussion opportunities.

We have seen, in recent years, a constant evolution of artistic projects and cultural initiatives, and we have a clear sense of the growth in the number of visitors. The local market is still fragile, poorly structured, and dependent on a stable economy.

We need the understanding that art and culture are developed thanks to an increase, quantitative and qualitative, the audience, spaces, students, critics, laws, support, that is, in a set of actions. It is important to consider the difference, the uniqueness of each reality, and to continue to institute numerous policies, taking into account the context, composed of several factors and particularities. We consider it important to design mechanisms and strategies that favor interaction, dialogue, and communication between the many interlocutors and aspects involved. 

Investment and quality in production are fundamental to the gallery. We, therefore, seek to have a balance between commercial exhibitions, to create sustainability for artists and curators, but also to propose new ways of seeing art, with the inclusion of exhibitions of photography, video art, and installations, less given to acquisitions in Angola or production support for projects such as the international exhibition BEING HER(E), curated by Paula Nascimento and co-produced with Kauru Projects, of a non-commercial character but of great educational importance. In addition, we seek to make parallel programs and propose school visits in order to reach different audiences, especially the younger strata.