THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE is an international contemporary art gallery with exhibition spaces in Luanda (Angola) and Lisbon (Portugal). Representing and collaborating with international established and emergent artists, the gallery’s program focuses on relevant and powerful narratives and discussions associated with the African continent and its diaspora. Despite the profound connection with Africa, it is the first Contemporary African gallery in Portugal that focuses not exclusively on Lusophone circles but also on the emerging aesthetics of cultural and artistic productions from the Global South. The gallery maintains a regular and significant presence in important international art fairs.


THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE extends its intervention beyond the physicality of the gallery space with exhibition projects that enhance the extension of the art world to a multiplicity of places, inviting curators and artists in occasional collaborations that provide enriching visions and dialogues.


Founded in Luanda in 2016 by Sónia Ribeiro, current CEO, and becoming a leading art gallery in Angola, the project expanded in 2019 to one of Lisbon’s most emblematic neighborhoods, Chiado. Given Portugal's historical connection with Africa, Lisbon was considered a natural location for this first expansion of the gallery and an important gateway to Europe. Both exhibition spaces have an independent program, offering collectors and enthusiasts a focused and strong view of contemporary artistic production from the African and South American continents and their diaspora.


As of 2016, the Gallery has represented, exhibited, and collaborated with both emerging and established artists. Since then, the gallery has remained true to one of its primary goals of providing artists with the opportunity to share their unique perspectives through their work, thus creating and promoting discussions around relevant historical and contemporary narratives in the context of globalization. As such, within an extensive yearly program that includes regular exhibitions in Lisbon and Luanda, the collaboration in diverse cultural projects, and a consistent presence on numerous international art fairs, attention is drawn to issues such as identity, memory, heritage, cultural heritage, and social change. In addition, artists from the gallery frequently feature on major platforms like museums, biennales, and important exhibitions around the globe.


Its three directors, Sónia Ribeiro, - CEO and founder - Graça Rodrigues, - curator - and Ngoi Salucombo – Executive director of the Angolan delegation - have a singular entrepreneurial and artistic vision based on a solid curatorial and collaborative - based art project approach. 


In 2019, the gallery founded  "O CUBO", a non-profit platform that seeks to boost experimentation and research, through the development of a program of artistic residencies, editorial projects, archive mapping, and the establishment of a network of local and international partnerships. The gallery has already presented numerous exhibitions in Angola, South Africa, France, Italy, the UK, and Portugal but continues to expand and develop its connections worldwide.