Maya-Inès Touam France, b. 1988

Born in France to Algerian parents, Maya’s work sits between two shores of the Mediterranean, exploring an oriental aesthetic, not from a neo-orientalist point of view, but from her own point of view as the granddaughter of emigrants - how to account for an identity that is both intimate and foreign to her?
Resorting to different media - photography, drawing, and sculpture – and with symbolic or personal objects as her starting point, the artist has been constructing a body of work that is both anthropological and oneiric. She immerses herself in the roots of her origins, which she questions and investigates in order to draw images (often still lives) from these fragments of history. Her research also extends to the diasporas of the African continent in France, adding a postcolonial perspective on immigration to her work.
  • Maya-Inès Touam, Citron et plastique, 2020
    Maya-Inès Touam
    Citron et plastique, 2020
    Fine Art print on Hahnemuhle paper
    64 x 80 cm