Jas Portuguese, b. 1981

The Portuguese artist João Alexandrino (JAS) was born in Porto (Portugal) in 1981. His work is developed across different artistic fields, such as installation, performance, video, painting, scenography and drawing. Currently, he is developing several individual and collective projects, having video and real-time drawing as significant elements in his work.


He was one of the founding members of “Espaço INCUBADORA” (2002-2007) in Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal), where he has presented installations and exhibitions. In 2013, he founded the project C A I X A - Contemporary Art with the Artist Manuela Pimentel. In addition, he has directed several short films and experimental videos.


His work has been exhibited in cities such as Hamburg (Germany), Rouen (France), Barcelona (Spain), Norway, São Paulo (Brazil), Maputo (Africa), among others. Recently, his work was incorporated into the contemporary art collection of the Berardo Foundation.


Available Works