Exhibition Catalogue by The Museum of African Art - Belgrade
Ana Knežević, Emilia Epštajn, Graça Rodrigues, Sónia Ribeiro, and Marcos Jinguba, 2022

Publisher: The Museum of African Art - the Veda and Dr. Zdravko Pečar Collection.

pages: 104
The exhibition "Reflect#2 - FRAGMENTS, FRAGILITIES, MEMORIES," held at the Museum of African Art in Belgrade (Serbia) in collaboration with THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE Art Gallery, contains carefully selected works by Angolan artists, representative of what is, in a broad spectrum, the artistic production and intellectual reflection of an iconic generation born after Angola's independence in 1975.

A seminal publication was born from this project, with texts by curators Ana Knežević, Emilia Epštajn and Graça Rodrigues, reflecting comprehensively on the multifaceted production of the artistic generation involved.

The catalogue will be available soon in both the Luanda and Lisbon galleries and will be presented in London, in October, in the context of the gallery's participation in the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair. 

Acquisitions and reservations can be made in person or through the gallery's website.
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