1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair London

Somerset House, London, 8 - 10 October 2020 

For 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair - London 2020, This Is Not a White Cube presents a curatorial project connecting unreleased artworks by 4 contemporary artists from Angola, RDC, and its diaspora, which practice has consisted over the years on research and project development around the notion of memory and identity, tradition and contemporaneity, gender, migration, spirituality, and cultural mysticism, the past, and present: Alida Rodrigues (83, Angola, United Kingdom), Nelo Teixeira (75, Angola, Portugal), Pedro Pires (78, Angola, Portugal), Patrick Bongoy (80, Democratic Republic of Congo).

This project developed and curated specifically for 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair - London 2020, reflects on the emergence of a critical vision of colonialism and the importance that the African diaspora - personified in these artists - the curatorial projects, researches and documental studies assume in the production of a renewal of the historical discourse of art in contemporary times.