1-54 CONTEMPORARY AFRICAN ART FAIR: Group Show: Rafiki, René Tavares, Pedro Pires

Somerset House, 12 - 15 October 2023 
We are pleased to return for another edition of 1-54 London!
We will be presenting works by the artists Rafiki, René Tavares, and Pedro Pires.

Through this project, the gallery aims to generate a dialogue between countries with colonial and historical affinities, reflecting on the concept of decoloniality and seeking to promote a reflection on how contemporary African art has been affirming itself on a global scale.

This statement has been verified in the production of a disruptive discursive position in the context of a postcolonial debate that for decades remained transversely marked by a certain blind Eurocentrism. A rooted theorization that stems from the processes of occupation and division of African territories by colonists, which produced a unilateral reading of their influence on the cultural and artistic constitutions of the colonized countries. 

This project - developed and curated specifically for this year’s edition of the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, as an extension of those presented in the last editions - reflects on the emergence of a critical vision of colonialism and on the importance that the African diaspora - materialized in these artists' works - associated curatorial projects, research, and documental studies assume in producing a renewed historical discourse of art in contemporary times.


October 12 - 15  |  Somerset House
Join us at booth W2!
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