BORDERS: Solo Show by Mariana Dias Coutinho Lisbon

24 June - 31 July 2020

THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE art gallery, in partnership with MEXTO, presents Mariana Dias Coutinho's solo show "BORDERS".

The exhibition gathers around 50 works by this Portuguese artist, produced between 2013 and 2019, tracing a retrospective view on her work.

"Borders" is curated by Graça Rodrigues and Sónia Ribeiro and will be on display between June 24th and July 31st at the NOT A MUSEUM space in Lisbon.



It is not in abstraction or figuration in which stands Mariana Dias Coutinho's latest work.

Reaching an intermediate zone, the boundary between the conscious and the subconscious, an area that, once open to all possibilities, ends on intrinsic research now.

Drawing as a program develops a free scenario - deepening already present formulations in previous works - and juxtaposes

an awareness and appropriation, decontextualization, and subversion of the realities of daily life, trying to materialize challenging concepts of dogmas and routines of our existence.

It is between this and any other place we live, letting us foresee own tensions of a process that establish and also deconstructs, which both guides and self-discover, that both is and disappears.

Returning to concerns held on issues presented by authors like Sade, Bataille, or Malevich, which continues to haunt us: what is the place that the body occupies in our “way of thinking” and how to think violence within we when traditional values are unable? 

This is what we seek to try to forget and especially shows that freedom can be invented and manipulated to measure the huge disorder against the supposed result.