THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE gallery presents on November 26th, in Lisbon, "There Was A Time When I Could Be Anything” - a solo exhibition by Cássio Markowski.


The Lisbon-based Brazilian artist Cássio Markowski (b. 1972) mainly works across drawing and painting, besides exploring video and installation as means of expansion of his practice. The artist’s production encompasses a process of documentation on different socio-cultural aspects of Afro-Brazilian history. This approach relies on a constant search in archives, image databases and flea markets from where the artist collects ancient books, photographs, illustrations, newspapers, advertisements or old family albums. Markowski’s visual universe, simultaneously auto-biographic and fictional, political and poetic, fuses his own personal memories with collective experiences and trauma, while often referencing religious iconography, especially the Brazilian syncretic version of Catholicism. 


The pieces produced for this exhibition reach a rigorous and sophisticated process that involves several layers of interventions. After preparing the raw linen canvas with a first stratum of acrylic plaster coating, Markowski draws the major lines of his preconceived compositions with graphite. The artist then applies a covering vinyl paint layer on which he intervenes with gouache for the non-human motifs, with charcoal and graphite for the drawn figures. This ultimate intervention overlaps all the chromatic elements.   

  (Katherine Sirois, Curator)


The exhibition will be on display until January 21, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 2:30 to 7 pm. Admission is free.