PEDRO PIRES: PH7 – INTERFACES / BODY AND ARCHITECTURE: Solo Show, Natural History Museum, Luanda

6 June - 6 July 2019

PEDRO PIRES is back in Luanda with pH7 - INTERFACES \ BODY AND ARCHITECTURE, individual exhibition with about 25 unpublished works, among sculptures, installation and drawings with paper intervention.

In this exhibition, the artist proposes not one, but multiple dialogues with the city through the body and architecture, in this case through the windows railing as an architectural element, where he establishes parallels between private and public space; nature and culture; skin and structure and proposes a reflection on the possible interfaces existing in the relations between the human being and the condition that surrounds him, since these acts carry in themselves the will for spatio - temporal representations.

 In his work, Pedro Pires has been exploring over the last few years questions about identity and stereotypes in direct relation with education, history and institutions. This interest comes from his personal experience as Angolan and Portuguese. The artist explores his identity and political, social and economic position in these two countries and continents, making parallels with other realities.