ARCO Lisboa 2020 - exclusively online

May 20, 2020 - June 14, 2020

For ARCO Art Fair 2020, This Is Not a White Cube presents a project connecting unreleased artworks by 7 contemporary artists from Angola, Mozambique, and RDC and its diaspora, which practice has consisted over the years on research and project development around the notion of memory and identity, tradition and contemporaneity: Januário Jano (79, Angola, United Kingdom); Patrick Bongoy (80, RDC, South Africa); Pedro Pires (78, Angola, Portugal); Nelo Teixeira (75, Angola, Portugal), and Gonçalo Mabunda (75, Mozambique, Portugal); Luís Damião (78, Angola); René Tavares (83, São Tomé).

Through this project, the gallery aims to generate a dialogue between countries with a colonial and historic affinity which reflects on the concept of decoloniality and seeks to promote a reflection on how contemporary African art has been affirming itself on a global scale.

This statement has been verified either through the production of a disruptive discursive position in the context of a postcolonial debate that has remained for decades transversely marked by a certain blind Eurocentrism. A rooted theorization that stems from the processes of occupation and sharing of African territories by the colonizing peoples, which produced a unilateral reading of their influence on the cultural and artistic constitution of the colonized countries.