SPACES IN BETWEEN: Group Show, Old Palace, Lisbon

17 - 28 May 2019

Installed in a palace in "ruins" in downtown Lisbon, the exhibition aims to reinforce the participation of THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE at ARCO Lisboa 2019, whose focus will be on African research, creation and collecting.
With African artists from different geographical and professional backgrounds, the exhibition, divided into three sections, aims to highlight works and practices that focus on an anti-racist, feminist, diasporic, and reinvention politics, inhabiting architectural, identity and memory spaces- affective and imaginary.
The exhibition includes 13 artists, including Alice Marcelino, Cristiano Mangovo, Evans Mbugua, EL LOKO Filipe Branquinho, Gonçalo Mabunda, Hako Hankson, Januário Jano, Justin Dingwal, Marion Boehm, Monica de Miranda, Nelo Teixeira, Patrick Bongoy and Pedro Pires.

Curator: Sónia Ribeiro 

The in-between spaces of the world, inhabited by the marginalized whose narratives are constantly in the aim of politics of aestheticization and erasure, take a center stage.
The artists here today, inhabiting said spaces, explore dimensions of being that vary from one another but still reflect on the same issues. The intimate person and its identity or the multiple identities and their code-switching abilities within the generalized existence of post-colonial socio-racial traumas. The usage of the body not only as a mediator for the violence occurred in the destruction of spaces and the memories that reside within them, but the body as language as an instrument of resistance and disruption, creating new memories from the lack of. Collective memory forming and reforming, surpassing the inability of open discourse and endless creation of myths.
These margins in between are centers for those who have the audacity to look further.

Text by André Cunha