Filipe Branquinho

Filipe Branquihno grew up during the Mozambique Civil War, surrounded by journalists and artists, his interest in photography was born from contact with the greatest names in Mozambican photography such as Ricardo Rangel, Kok Nam or José Cabral. He studied architecture in Mozambique and continued his studies in Brazil, where he trained in photography and self-taught art.

Through his work, Filipe Branquinho explores the reality of Mozambique, the lifestyles of its inhabitants, its mythology and its urban dynamics.  It addresses social issues such as class disparities, culture, politics, collective memory and working conditions. His style blends his view of architecture linked to his training and his familiarity with the "school" of Mozambican photography, merging the genres of photography and landscape. Large-format portraits in which the model poses in the heart of his work environment or in his home are the hallmark of his work. Both a portrait of an individual and an architecture, his photographs seem to document and draw the map of an African world in transformation while refusing to satisfy all expectations of exoticism.

In 2013, with his Showtime series, Filipe Branquihno was a finalist for the BES Photo Award. Then in 2015, with the series Interior Landscapes (2011-2014) he won the Popcap'15 prize - international prize for contemporary African photography.

1977 -
Nationality: Mozambique
Residence: Mozambique